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About Cloud 9


Cloud 9 Spas features quality hot tubs produced by Strong Spas - one of the largest manufacturers in the world, and one of the few hot tub manufacturers with plant operations in the USA. Cloud 9 Spas works closely with our manufacturer to ensure all models are handled with care and are shipped in a timely manner.  All models are manufactured in Pennsylvania and sold/shipped to Rhode Island to our Portsmouth warehouse. We take pride in our American heritage by working with a US based manufacturer that is globally recognized in the spa industry since 1994.



Does Cloud 9 Spas offer a warranty?

Each spa model includes a manufacturer warranty. Please refer to our Care & Maintenance page for more information on our warranties and guidance on how to properly care for your spa tub.

Is there a maintenance and service program?

Although we do not offer a maintenance service, we do provide information on how to care for your home spa. If any technical service is needed please submit an inquiry on our Contact page. 

Do you sell pre-owned hot tubs?

Cloud 9 Spas offers both new and pre-owned hot tubs. 

Can I talk with a rep in person?

Here at Cloud 9 Spas we love to make our client experience personable and worth while. Our location is available for in person meetings or consultations on an appointment basis.

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