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Automatic Hot Tub Cover Lifter System

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Automates select hot tub & swim spa lifters allowing the user to open cover at the touch of a button. This automatic lift system includes dual electronic linear actuators powered by a control box that is professionally installed in your spa cabinet. Easily lift your hot tub cover using the wireless remote control or side spa control.



Smart Design

The internal control box has a fully sealed plastic interior with a convenient external button for opening or closing your cover without the need of the remote control.

Added privacy while you soak_edited.jpg


Canopy Option

Transform your ConvertALift into a canopy for extra privacy. Designed to secure on each side creating a canopy for both privacy and protection.



Added Safety

When opened it helps prevent unexpected closure due to wind without the need of locks that break if user forgets to disengage.

Will it work on my spa?

Thanks! We’ll send you availability and pricing shortly!

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